Kichler LED Lighting Systems

Burgess Lighting is proud to offer award-winning “Cool” LED Technology from Kichler. In 2010, Kichler Lighting was honored by the American Lighting Association, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and the U.S. Department of Energy with a 2010 Lighting for Tomorrow award (LED fixture category).


Kichler’s low profile lighting solutions are perfect for undercabinet and interior cabinet lighting applications. The zero heat LED light source solves the problem of cabinet overheating. Kichler Design Pro LED Lighting is 10x more efficient than incandescent bulbs, easy to install and is rated at 40,000 hours of use. There’s also the added benefit of a built-in 4 way dimmer switch with night light mode and a photo sensor feature that automatically illuminates switches when light levels are low.

Kichler’s Design Pro LED Cabinet Lighting provides superior light quality, delivers high brightness and true color LED. The result is a cooler kitchen with superior lighting and excellent lighting controls. And with a rating of 40,000 hours, you can turn on your cabinet lights an average of 3 hours a day and there’s no need to change bulbs for at least 35 years.

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