Landscape Lighting: Investing in Your Home

The real estate market may be in a slump, but not all industries having to do with the home are in trouble. Companies that specialize in remodeling and renovation – particularly in the area of outdoor living – are doing extremely well right now.

Homeowners don’t want to lose money on their biggest investment, so instead of moving, they’re improving their homes. They are adding decks, patios, gazebos and outdoor kitchens, and they aren’t just planning to use them in the daytime.

The trend toward expanding outdoor living spaces has been growing for some time now. In past years, the goal was lighting the outdoor space and showing off the garden. Now the focus is on finding innovative ways to light outdoor spaces so they can be used at night, much as they’re used during the day.

Backyard decks no longer just have a small light near the door. Lighting designers are now installing down lights in trees and attaching them to chimneys to shine light down on the space. They are also putting in a lot of step lights to make the transition from the upper to lower level easier. People no longer have to feel that they’re under a spotlight when they sit outside under the stars.

Technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. Lighting manufacturers have realized that there is a growing market for outdoor fixtures and have stepped up to the challenge by developing chandeliers, table lamps and sconces that are rated for wet conditions so they can be safely installed outdoors.

There have been innovations in the area of lighting for curb appeal purposes as well. Landscape lighting is all about safety, security and aesthetics. Lighting the outdoors is a trend that’s here to stay.