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COMFORT ZONE: How Much Difference Does a Ceiling Fan Make?

Ceiling fans help you stay comfortable. We’ve all been in rooms that are either too hot or too cold, or ones that feel as though the air has a hard time circulating. But a room with a ceiling fan sees a huge difference in the amount of air moved (otherwise known as CFM or cubic feet per minute).

In summer, ceiling fans create a wind chill effect that makes the room feel six to eight degrees cooler than the actual ambient temperature. In fact, CFM, which ranges from 2,000 to 10,000, may be more important than motor size. A good rule of thumb: Choose a 48- to 52-inch-wide fan with about 4,500CFM.

SIZE MATTERS: What’s the Best Size Fan for your Space?

Ceiling fans can be sized to every space. No longer are homeowners completely bound by a room’s size when it comes to fan selection. In fact, some traditionally sized fans may be better fits for those smaller spaces, based on airflow needs and overall aesthetics. In addition, mini fans – some with just a single blade and small powerhouse motors – can fit in areas as small as closets.

In general, when it comes to selecting the right size fan for your home, use the following measurements:

Small Room (0-75 sq. ft.) = 36” diameter fan

Small/Medium Room (76-144 sq. ft.) = 42”-50” diameter fan

Medium Room (144-225 sq. ft.) = 52”-54” diameter fan

Large Room (225-400 sq. ft.) = 54”-72” diameter fan

Great Room (400+ sq. ft.) = 52”-72” with more than one fan installation