Value Added Services

At Burgess Lighting, our goal is to meet and exceed our Customer’s expectations of service. Here are just a few of the value added services which we provide our customers:

Customer Service Department

Our customer service staff interact regularly with builders and electrical contractors. They are knowledgeable of the needs of each particular contractor and builder and are ready to assist in releasing jobs for delivery, expediting orders and updating contracts with change orders.


Burgess Lighting’s customer service department accepts orders for guaranteed next day delivery in the Washington Metropolitan area. Our wrapping and labeling systems make the job of the builder/contractor easier and more efficient. House packs are bundled in shrink wrap with a custom label affixed to each box noting the fixture number and its specific location in the house. Delivering an accurate, complete house of fixtures is our goal.


We have carefully selected manufacturers that provide the quality and selection that our customers demand. As the nation’s leading distributor for some of the industry’s top manufacturers, we use our buying power to negotiate reduced costs for product and then pass on the savings to our customers. Our inventory system, based upon both your buying history and future projections, guarantees the product is there when you need it.

Cutting Edge Systems

Our nationally renowned customized computer systems have been continually evaluated and updated over the years to improve accuracy in our planning and forecasting, reduce cycle times and errors, and lower costs, creating a better total value for our customers.

Qualified Sales Staff

Our outside sales staff is American Lighting Association trained and certified. This ongoing training, combined with in-depth industry experience and cutting-edge sales tools, positions Burgess Lighting’s sales team to best satisfy your needs. From design layout to product specification and presentation, you will be dealing with a Burgess Lighting professional who is always willing and eager to go that extra mile to ensure your company’s success.

Flexible Return Policies

The true test of a lighting distributor’s level of service is how they manage defective or damaged fixtures in the field. At Burgess Lighting, we believe in a no hassle return policy for manufacturer defects and damage. We act quickly to see that the proper product is reshipped so little time is wasted in production. We also offer replacement glass and parts when needed.

Pictorial Presentations

For each new housing project, our in-house graphics department can provide builders with a custom book of fixture pictorials that specifies detailed information on house types and options. These pictorial presentations give our builder’s sales staff detailed information on the specified lighting fixtures in their homes. Providing our customers with tools to increase their sales is a top priority for us.

Will Call Orders

If additional material is needed during the business day, Burgess Lighting is there to help our builders and electrical contractors. Customers can call in their stock orders to our customer service department and pick up the material within the hour from our Maryland location with the same quality of packaging they come to expect from their daily deliveries.