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Summer is the time of year when days are longer and warmer. However, as the sun goes down, we still need light in our homes to perform tasks and enjoy our evenings. Luckily, keeping your home well-lit during the summer months does not have to be expensive or difficult. In this blog, Burgess Lighting, a local lighting store located in Forestville, Maryland, will highlight some affordable and easy summer lighting ideas that will keep your home bright and beautiful. Shop our indoor and outdoor lighting today!


The right lighting can make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable

Hanging around the house more lately? Sometimes the more time we spend at home, the longer our to-do list grows. To ease the burden of persistent homeowner obligations, it is important to have appropriate lighting for specific tasks. Terry McGowan of the American Lighting Association (ALA) answers some of homeowners’ most frequently asked questions about lighting activity spaces.


This summer, more than any other, is a great time for a staycation. Many people are foregoing their usual getaway, instead opting to stay home for a retreat in the backyard, movie marathon in the media room, game night at the kitchen table, any of many alternatives to traveling to a destination. There are myriad home-based activities and ways to relax while still having a fun and memorable time at home.


UV technology can be effective against viruses with proper safety precautions

The use of germicidal lighting as a potential way to combat germs and viruses, including COVID-19, is receiving a lot of interest and publicity lately. Germicidal ultraviolet “light” or GUV refers to the technology of germicidal lighting, which utilizes ultraviolet-emitting sources. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), GUV is a technology with great opportunity, but it is more complicated than simply turning on a UV light.

Terry McGowan, FIES, LC, director of engineering and technology for ALA, explains that it is imperative to be cognizant of the safety and efficacy issues of using germicidal lighting, and to be educated about the capabilities of the different types of UV light.

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Lighting is a visual medium, so we would like to highlight our Video Gallery. We are members of the American Lighting Association, an organization dedicated to educating consumers and professionals alike about the benefits of good lighting design and efficiency. We are pleased to feature a number of videos with helpful tips for choosing the best lighting for your home, including inspiring design trends and choosing the right bulbs for your fixtures. Browse through our video library, which we will be updating regularly with new information and home lighting fundamentals.


We’re not just your favorite lighting store. We also carry an incredible selection of home decor.


We are proud to carry Kichler Lighting outdoor fixtures, which are designed to bring professional design principles to the exterior of your home. From your entryway or driveway to the backyard deck and garden, Kichler’s outdoor light fixtures are crafted with style and durability. Whether you choose outdoor wall lights, hanging chandeliers or post top lanterns, find the perfect outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty and safety of your home.


When it comes to home renovation projects, the first place to start is usually the kitchen. The latest trends in finish-outs and appliances will impact your lighting choices.


Enjoy your outdoor space as much as your indoor living area with beautiful, sophisticated, lighting and ceiling fans stylish enough to make you feel right in home.


We’re proud to be included in the top 100 Best Lighting Blogs! Feedspot rates websites and blogs based on quality and consistency of posts, influence in social media for lighting-related information and search ranking. Stop by to talk to our lighting experts and discover why we’re so passionate about lighting!


It’s easy to recognize good outdoor lighting when you see it. When the sun goes down, the house looks welcoming – there are no dark shadows, and entrances and the driveway are well-lit, secure and beautiful.

You can create the same welcoming ambiance for your home with a good outdoor lighting plan. Start with a list of your goals for lighting your home’s exterior.


The sparkle and dazzle of a well-placed chandelier defines and enhances the mood of any room. A chandelier that is too large can easily overpower a room and its inhabitants; one that is too small becomes insignificant and decreases the perceived value of the entire space. By following a few interior design guidelines for choosing the correct size, you will maximize the impact of the fixture. Room size affects chandelier size, but the type of space also affects the size.


One of the most significant current home design trends is the use of integrated LED fixtures where the LED light source is a permanent part of the fixture. The fixture does not use a bulb in the traditional sense. While this concept may sound futuristic or even frivolous, in reality it is efficient and conducive to unique design capabilities.


A family room that doubles as a media room requires lighting that can be adjusted to minimize glare and shadows while providing ample illumination for varying activities.


It’s the perfect time for a relaxing staycation or backyard social. A few updates to your lighting can enhance your outdoor enjoyment.


Tired of haphazard internet shopping? Burgess Lighting invites you to “See It. Touch It. And Take It Home”. No more guessing, broken items, or return shipping charges. At Burgess Lighting you have the luxury of a trained lighting professional to help you make the correct choice. There’s also a huge selection of lighting fixtures in a multitude of finishes and important items that you might not think about such as bulbs, dimmers, and other accessories.

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It’s a hot, sticky day and you emerge at home from your nicely air-conditioned car. The A/C at home has been on low efficiency – or turned off entirely – while you were at work. It will take a while to move the temperature down to a tolerable level, so in the meantime, you seek out the coolest room in your home. Wouldn’t this be a good time for a ceiling fan?


Quentin is constructed of angular forms that create a striking geometric interplay. The stem-hung collection features intersecting rectangles which form a modern silhouette. Candle sleeves in heritage brass add a distinctively vintage feel that is both hip and historical. > Let’s Go Shopping


Titus 8 Light Oval Chandelier/Pendant features black mesh ironwork, giving off an industrial accent to a modernly sleek collection. The Chandelier/Pendant has a Polished Nickel finish for a dynamic effect. > Let’s Go Shopping


Breezes, sunshine and soaring box kites inspired our Summer Pendant, from our Four Seasons Collection, which features rectilinear lines in a nod to the Arts & Crafts style. The textured panes are available as clear glass or aluminum finished in Soft Gold or Vintage Platinum. > Let’s Go Shopping


In 2015 people spent a record $300 billion on renovations in their homes, and it’s predicted that spending in 2016 will set yet another record.* One of the most in-demand renovations is for bathrooms, often including an upgrade to LED lighting fixtures, along with other environmentally-sound products such as low-flow commodes to save water.


Outdoor lighting has expanded beyond the front door. Homeowners are now designing their lighting plans to expand their space, creating a balance between the inside and outside of their homes. Rather than seeing a dark wall through a window at night, homeowners are now creating beautifully lit exteriors with a variety of LED lighting fixtures that invite the outdoors into the home.

LED technology has made outdoor lighting less expensive and virtually maintenance free. LED is 6 times more efficient and lasts 12 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Recent advances in LED technology include apps that can be downloaded for even greater control of timing and lighting levels from the convenience of a smart phone.

If you already have outdoor lighting installed – don’t worry, you can still change to LED. Just bring your incandescent bulb to us for advice on screw-in LED replacement bulbs. We are your LED lighting experts!


Lighting experts acknowledge that LED tape lighting is rapidly replacing traditional recessed undercabinet lighting, thanks to its ease of installation, warm color temperature and low profile.

The most popular application for LED tape lighting is kitchen under cabinet lighting. It places light closer to work surfaces and avoids casting shadows for tasks such as food prep, recipe reading and cooking. Tape lighting also allows for edge-to-edge coverage of cabinets, which eliminates bright spots or dark spots.


Straight lines, spheres, cone shapes, orbs, all kinds of geometric shapes add up to beautifully refined lighting style.

TOP TRENDS: Show Your Style With An Eye-Catching Geometric Fixture

Lighting fixtures with sharp edges, clean lines, and dynamic shapes make classic rooms feel fresh and create a pleasing balance of old and new. Samantha Hart of Better Homes & Gardens Lighting magazine recently visited the Feiss Lighting showroom during the Dallas International Lighting Market to discuss the newest geometric shapes in ALA-Feiss Videolighting, such as sphere or orb-like fixtures, and how they can be the perfect accent in a traditional

or contemporary space.


Long, long, ago – throughout the dark ages, medieval homes were lit by fires in open cooking pits.

When candles (“chandelles”) were invented, they were incredibly expensive and reserved for the wealthiest class. It wasn’t until the 14th century that the first “chandelier” was created – a crude wooden cross with spikes at each end to skewer a candle. It didn’t take long for the artistry of chandeliers to evolve, utilizing complex patterns of cut glass suspended from ever-expanding architectures of bronze and steel to light ornate castle entrances, bedrooms, and dining halls. Chandeliers soon became a statement of status, with wealthy landowners competing for exclusive rights to the best craftsmen of the day to create works of art that served not only to illuminate, but as the topic of conversation at evening events.


The kids are back at school and you’re back to the school year schedule. You’ve shopped for new school clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes and books. If you have a college student, you’ve moved them into their dorm, along with everything a student needs while away from home.

Have you updated your student’s desk lamp lately? Or your own? Good task lighting is a critical part of studying and working. It can increase productivity, decrease eye strain and allow you to focus actively for longer periods.


Pick up your FREE LIGHTING MAGAZINE at our showroom.

See what’s new in home lighting design and find tips for creating your own stunning spaces.


Investing in quality outdoor lighting is a great way to add value, curb appeal and safety to your home.

Start by talking to a lighting expert at a local lighting store. These lighting professionals are trained to look at the big picture and design an outdoor lighting layout that will take into account all the layers of exterior lighting, including driveway, path, garden features and entranceways.

One element needed to achieve a complete outdoor lighting plan is landscape lights – such as path or spread lights, hardscape lighting, uplights for house or garden features, and even LED outdoor tape lighting. The other element is decorative outdoor lighting – which includes post lights, wall lights, hanging lights, deck or patio lights, and ceiling lights.


A ceiling fan is more than an appliance – it’s a design statement. Most ceiling fans are located front and center in the home – dominating the scene in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or patio – so style is important.

Think twice before you go online or down to the big box store and purchase a ceiling fan that may not be the perfect match for your home’s design and personality.


Now You See It; Now You Don’t

You’ve seen some fabulous lighting applications in home design magazines and now you’d like to create that same magic around the exterior of your own home. With a little technical knowledge and some experimentation, you can create an inviting outdoor environment that will increase safety and security, provide easy driveway access, and enhance the beauty of your home both from the inside looking out and from the outside looking in.

The first thing to understand is the difference between “outdoor lighting” and “landscape lighting.” Outdoor lighting fixtures are highly decorative visual elements designed to coordinate with the architectural style of your home. They are made to be seen.


Everyone needs a bit of pampering. And what better place to rejuvenate than the master bathroom? The bathroom is a private place that should provide a calm and quiet retreat from today’s hectic lifestyle. The right lighting can go a long way toward providing the right atmosphere.

As a part of your design process, here are a few important details to consider.


Lighting the Way for the Rest to FollowExquisite lighting from the Tontori Collection.

The idea for élan started simply enough: with inspiration. From there, a sketch was born that elevated the notion to a possibility. Our artists crafted with the utmost devotion, seeing the possibilities and not stopping until every detail was brought to light.

At élan, our passion is art and our medium is light; one that elevates a space and everything in it. With each piece in our collection, we create modern sculptures that define a room and your style, while bringing that all-important light to a space. We do it so you can choose that one perfect piece that you’ve been dreaming about – that connects you and your space.


There’s No Place Like HomeRelax with beautiful lighting from the Ahrendale Collection.

The dressed up rustic styling chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces from the Ahrendale collection opens new possibilities sure to enhance your décor. Open Iron Anvil mesh surrounds and protects the Vetro Mica shades which in turn cast a satisfying and comforting illumination in your home.


Visit our Hubbardton Forge Gallery . . .Artistry. Integrity. Enduring Value.

These time-honored principles are built into every Hubbardton Forge design. Each piece is hand-forged one at a time by skilled artisans in Castleton, Vermont.

Since the company began in 1974, they have been re-exploring the ancient art of metal sculpting, creating lighting and accessories of grace and simplicity. The design and manufacturing process is a collaboration of designers, engineers and craftspeople. Every curve, taper, and twist in the metal carries with it the distinctive marks of honest hand-crafting.

When you own a Hubbardton Forge pendant, lamp, chandelier or sconce, you own a piece of Vermont-made art of enduring value.


It’s the most popular living space in the house, so why not transform an ordinary kitchen into your extraordinary comfort zone? You don’t have to go through a major renovation to change your kitchen from just a place to cook and eat to the perfect spot to gather, relax and unwind with family and friends.

Even if you already have the latest appliances, sleek countertops and beautifully finished cabinets, without the right light, your kitchen will be just another utilitarian space to cook and serve meals. A few carefully chosen, well-placed light fixtures can totally transform your space into a more comfortable, functional, beautiful space. Under-cabinet or toe-kick lighting is easy to install and instantly creates an updated look.


It’s Time for a Beautiful Switch

Burgess Lighting is pleased to offer the LeGrand® adorne™ line of lighting controls. Select from a creative line of dimmers, switches, wall plates and other illumination accessories that can be customized for your home. Don’t settle for an ugly switch!®


Now that old incandescent 100- and 60-watt bulbs are no longer being manufactured, consumers will need to replace burned-out bulbs with new technology.

There are two main options: CFL or LED. Many consumers already use CFL bulbs and may or may not be happy with the light output. LEDs have many advantages – for instance, they don’t have mercury or require special disposal – and they can last up to 25 years. Homeowners should remember this if they experience sticker shock when they price LED bulbs – but you won’t need to buy any bulbs for many years.

Prices continue to come down, but, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for. There are many LED manufacturers with bulbs at different price levels, so how do you choose the best LED bulb for your particular needs?


Proper lighting is essential to the look and function of the room where you get ready to face the world every day. So why do so many people put up with uneven shadows and having to strain to see their faces in the mirror every morning? Whether it’s cost or simply a lack of know-how that’s holding you back from updating your lighting, you’ve just run out of excuses. Following are some simple, cost-effective solutions that will help you solve the most common bathroom lighting problems.

Challenge: You don’t have enough light to read in the bath tub.

Solution: In order to be fully functional, lighting in the shower stall or over the tub should be bright enough for cleaning, shaving and reading shampoo labels. If you have an older home that was constructed before UL-rated bulbs were available, add some recessed down lights designed for use in wet areas, and put shields around them. Shielded fixtures will protect reclining bathers’ eyes from glare. An adjustable accent light aimed from outside the tub is dramatic, glare-free and great for those who bring books to the...


Are you ready for the switch?

It’s time to think about a simple change

It’s inevitable: American households will need to switch over from traditional incandescent bulbs to more efficient products. Today, that product is the compact fluorescent lamp (or CFL). The changes are being mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and will be phased in over a number of years. The 100-watt bulb will have increased efficiency standards starting in 2012, followed by lower-watt bulbs in subsequent years. It’s possible that incandescent bulb manufacturers will “see the light” and be able to increase efficiencies for their products, but for now, the best option is a CFL.

Many people have already seen the benefits and made the change. Compact fluorescents use 75 to 80% less energy than incandescents, which means your electric bill will go down. How much? That depends on the number of bulbs in your home – and you may be surprised if you count them. The average home has 50 bulbs! Replacing one incandescent bulb with a CFL...


Burgess Lighting is proud to offer award-winning “Cool” LED Technology from Kichler. In 2010, Kichler Lighting was honored by the American Lighting Association, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and the U.S. Department of Energy with a 2010 Lighting for Tomorrow award (LED fixture category).


FOCUS…on the residential lighting needs of builders and electrical contractors

We offer a dedicated team focused on the selection and delivery of residential lighting products. Our ALA Certified Lighting Professionals provide job layout, design services and direct contact with customers in the field. Our customer service department interfaces exclusively with builders and contractors, providing the highest level of service possible.

COMMITMENT…to excellence in the industry

By recruiting and retaining excellent personnel, stocking several million dollars of inventory in residential lighting fixtures, and constantly evaluating and improving unique and innovative operational systems, we demonstrate our commitment to our customers. Our resources are dedicated to addressing the real needs and concerns of residential builders and electrical contractors.

SELECTION…from leading manufacturers

We carefully evaluate the industry’s top manufacturers and select the best product available for your lighting package. Utilizing specialty...


At Burgess Lighting, our goal is to meet and exceed our Customer’s expectations of service. Here are just a few of the value added services which we provide our customers:

Customer Service Department

Our customer service staff interact regularly with builders and electrical contractors. They are knowledgeable of the needs of each particular contractor and builder and are ready to assist in releasing jobs for delivery, expediting orders and updating contracts with change orders.


Burgess Lighting’s customer service department accepts orders for guaranteed next day delivery in the Washington Metropolitan area. Our wrapping and labeling systems make the job of the builder/contractor easier and more efficient. House packs are bundled in shrink wrap with a custom label affixed to each box noting the fixture number and its specific location in the house. Delivering an accurate, complete house of fixtures is our goal.


We have carefully selected manufacturers that provide the quality and selection that our...


Bedroom lighting ranges from basic to bold; from dimmed to dramatic. To help you properly light your bedroom, here are some tips.BE SIZE WISE: Before buying bedroom lighting, first determine the size of room. Take your room measurements, along with outlet locations and furniture placement to a lighting showroom. The experts there can help you fill in with just the right light.

HEIGHT RIGHT: Consider scale. Bedrooms typically have lower (8 or 9 ft.) ceilings. Avoid fixtures with longer bodies in favor of shorter or flush-mounted fixtures.

ROOM TO GLOW: Decide what you want to do in the room, and then choose appropriate lighting. Home computers, sewing machines and exercise equipment in the bedroom need directed lighting. Sitting areas beg for softer, shaded fixtures. Makeup tables demand brighter light.

THE LIGHTER SIDE: Avoid shades on lamps or lights that are too opaque, otherwise your bedroom will be too dark. The fixtures may look nice, but the light will not be as functional. When buying a table lamp, opt for one with a softly diffused shade. Spend a moment...


Want to stir things up around the house this summer? Add a ceiling fan. It’s true – stirring up the air will make you feel immediately cooler. But ceiling fans do more than just bring about breezes. Designed with the latest home decor trends in mind, these overhead fans move in fashionable circles. Fans today are design pieces as well as functional appliances.

Fans in all designs

Ceiling fans work well in any home, thanks to a variety of design options. Ornate filigree blade holders offer a graceful, turn-of-the-century ambience. Brushed steel housings and light-colored maple blades offer the ultimate in contemporary styling. Earth tones such as rustic copper and bronze are hot. Painted finishes and washes are terrific too.

Fans in More Places

Fan design isn’t the only thing that’s expanded. Places to put ceiling fans have also increased. Fans bring a breeze to almost any home space, inside or out — from kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas, to porches, patios and gazebos. The soaring ceilings and expansive great rooms in today’s newer homes have increased...


Today’s dining rooms reflect consumers’ changing lifestyles. Once used solely for daily dining, this room has become much more multi-purpose. During the week, we use the dining room as a work zone, for homework, crafts, church work and organizational meetings. On the weekends and special occasions, it becomes a gathering place for parties and meals.

The result? Dining rooms must boast multiple lighting options that can go from functional to fashionable in the flick of a switch.

Layers of light

To get the best balance of illumination in the dining room, opt for layers of light. The most important thing a homeowner should recognize is that a dining room does not look well-lit if the only light source is a chandelier. A chandelier that is bright enough to illuminate a room will be too bright for comfort when dining. Likewise, if the chandelier’s light is comfortable on the eyes, it will be too dim for the rest of the room.

Start at the top

When choosing dining room lighting, start with a chandelier in the middle of the room, and then work out with...


The real estate market may be in a slump, but not all industries having to do with the home are in trouble. Companies that specialize in remodeling and renovation – particularly in the area of outdoor living – are doing extremely well right now.

Homeowners don’t want to lose money on their biggest investment, so instead of moving, they’re improving their homes. They are adding decks, patios, gazebos and outdoor kitchens, and they aren’t just planning to use them in the daytime.

The trend toward expanding outdoor living spaces has been growing for some time now. In past years, the goal was lighting the outdoor space and showing off the garden. Now the focus is on finding innovative ways to light outdoor spaces so they can be used at night, much as they’re used during the day.

Backyard decks no longer just have a small light near the door. Lighting designers are now installing down lights in trees and attaching them to chimneys to shine light down on the space. They are also putting in a lot of step lights to make the transition from the upper to lower level...


Creating the best lighting design for your kitchen is like cooking a great meal. You have to have the right recipe and combination of ingredients to make the meal successful. The kitchen is more than just a place to cook and consume meals. It often serves as the social hub of the household. Whether you are remodeling or have a new kitchen, you have the perfect opportunity to create a highly proficient lighting system.

Get a Lighting Professional

To make sure you whip up the best lighting scheme for your kitchen, it is essential to use a lighting professional. As with anything you do to improve your home, there are better ways to light your home than others. This is why you need a lighting specialist—to help with location, style, and whether or not to add dimmers. There are many components an expert can bring to your situation to make any room in the house more livable. Learn to consult with experts. They can save hours of research, which in turn will save you time, money and the education expense to acquire the latest knowledge in the lighting industry.