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Lighting Tips from the Professionals

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Kitchen Lighting Tips

The kitchen has always been dubbed the heart of the home. Whether it’s the end of a busy day during the work week and you’re throwing a pizza ...

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Living Room Lighting Tips

As the name implies, this is an area of the house where people usually gather. Add layers of light in this room to achieve some key results...

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Dining Room Lighting Tips

With today’s busy lifestyles, dining rooms now need to be multi- functional rooms. They are still used for dining, but also as a home office...

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Bathroom Lighting Tips

Get that “Spa Experience” at home with updated bathroom lighting. Small bathrooms, such as powder rooms, allow for much of the light...

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Bedroom Lighting Tips

The bedroom is the area where we unwind, so our lighting needs to reflect that. The days of the glaring single ceiling dome light are in the past...

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Outdoor Lighting Tips

Whether you are entering the garage, front door, side door, patio or deck, outdoor lighting will make sure you don’t miss a step...

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