Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathroom Lighting

Get that “Spa Experience” at home with updated bathroom lighting.

Small bathrooms, such as powder rooms, allow for much of the light to be bounced around the room by the reflected surface of the mirror. You can use much less light. A single wall sconces or a mini chandelier, sometimes called a chandelette, is sufficient to light this type of small bathroom.

You will need more layered lighting for the main or master bath, since these are used for daily grooming. The sink area needs to be glare free and not throw shadows on your face. Applying makeup, shaving or drying your hair all require good even lighting. Consider one of the new illuminated or back lit mirrors which offer the best kind of light for viewing the face. You can find many models than illuminate from every side of the mirror. Some support voice control and most have dimming capability. Some even have Bluetooth technology built in so that you can listen to music or the morning news or traffic reports while you get ready.

If you cannot install this type of mirror or if it doesn’t complement your décor, choose wall mounted sconces on either side of the vanity mirror. According to the American Lighting Association, these should be installed approximately 65-70” above the floor. You may need a custom height for comfort for children or shorter stature family members. Eye level is preferred.

You may need additional general lighting for larger bathrooms or bathrooms with high ceilings in the form of recessed lights. Recessed lighting will fill the expanse and make sure that your large, gorgeous bathroom doesn’t take on a dark cave-like quality. You may wish to add decorative lights for your larger bathroom – such as chandeliers. Before you fall in love with this idea, please check with your local contractor for guidelines to see if this is possible. Some municipalities restrict the placement due to electrical codes.

You will want to place wall lights or sconces above the vanity mirror. This allows for your mirror to bounce light around the room, to illuminate every side of your features. The length of the fixture should be approximately 75% of your mirror’s width. For a double bowl vanity, it is better to balance one over each sink instead of installing one super long fixture. These wall lights come in many styles and many decorative finishes. In recent years, plumbing and lighting manufactures are working together to offer finishes for faucets and lights that complement each other. Please check with our showroom lighting staff if you need help coordinating anything in your bathroom design.