Dining Room Lighting Tips

Dining Room Lighting

With today’s busy lifestyles, dining rooms now need to be multi- functional rooms. They are still used for dining, but also as a home office (due to portable electronic devices), crafting space or even homework area.

Lighting in layers can help light the area for any use.

General room lighting, such as recessed cans, LED disc lights or wafer lights, allow the room to be lit up evenly, regardless of where a table might be. They can also help to add light to darker corners if there are heavier pieces of furniture in the room besides the table. This lighting can also be wired separately for independent control depending on how the room is being used.

Chandeliers add a decorative touch to the room and supply light onto the table surface. Mostly used for intimate dining situations and entertaining, chandeliers should be sized accordingly. For round chandeliers, base the size on the width of the table. A good rule of thumb is that the chandelier should be approximate half to three quarters the size of the width of the table. A 48” wide table can nicely accommodate a chandelier that is 24” in diameter. Some newer trends in chandelier have added linear or oval shaped options. To use this style over your table, use a fixture that is approximately 1/3 of the table length without any optional leaves added to the table.

The height installation over the table is also important. Thirty to thirty- six inches above the tabletop allows for a clear visual of other diners around the table. If you have a high cathedral or tray ceiling, please consult one of our showroom lighting designers for guidance on the height installation.

Another consideration is accent lighting. This can include wall sconces, cove lighting or even small lamps. Wall sconces add drama around a china cabinet or small table lamps can accent the buffet or sideboard when using it to serve food. Cove lighting can draw attention to beautiful molding around the room or a tray ceiling.

And, as always, add wall dimmers or smart home controls to any or all of these options to extend the many uses you can have for this room.