Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are entering the garage, front door, side door, patio or deck, outdoor lighting will make sure you don’t miss a step. It can be controlled with wall switches, timers, and SMART HOME technology to allow you to have the lights turn on and off on a schedule or from your phone, so you never come home to a dark house.

Decorative lanterns on the house enhance the exterior with different designs, colors and sizes. They should be sized properly for each location based on the size of the entry, location of the junction box and any trim or exterior finishes, like a porch roof or overhead soffit

Flood lights can be added at elevated areas such as roof lines or soffits to illuminate dark corners that wall lanterns don’t reach. They should not be directed from the ground level to shine at the house as this can be blinding for someone looking outside. They can be installed with motions sensors so that they can light up your property when you might not be home to do it yourself. Most motions sensors can be adjusted so that you can control the sensitivity of the sensor and how long the light stays on once triggered.

Landscape lighting can add the finishing touch to your property. It extends your property by lighting trees, enhances the architecture of your home by accenting stone or brick facades, creates a pathway of light to invite guests to the front door, or extends your outdoor patio or deck for enjoyment after dark. Low voltage systems and LED light sources make installation easy as wires only need to be buried 6” in the ground. They are also safe if accidentally dug up when planting new flowers or shrubs.

Our staff of showroom professionals would be happy to guide you in using any or all of these ideas to enhance the exterior of your home.